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Research Interest

Research Areas: Immunology, Inflammation and its resolution, fibrosis, macrophage biology, lipid mediators, chemokines, signal trunsduction.

Research Summary: The research in my laboratory focuses on elucidating and characterizing novel events and mediators involved in the resolution of inflammation and fibrosis. These include the following projects:

(a)Discover novel mediators involved in the resolution of inflammation and tissue fibrosis and explore their therapeutic potential in inflammatory disorders and cancer development.

(b)Explore novel roles for apoptotic leukocytes and apoptotic signaling pathways in the resolution of macrophage-mediated inflammation.

(c)Unveiling novel molecular mechanisms in macrophage pro-resolving functions.

(d)Reveal novel roles for chemokines and their receptors in the ending of the inflammatory process.

Work in progress is focused on isolating pro-resolving macrophages in vivo, using murine peritonitis as a leading animal model, and characterizing their properties, as well as the regulation of their functions by specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators, galectins, chemokines and chemokine receptors. Other projects are aimed at: 1. elucidating the role of chemokine receptors, like CCR5 and D6, expressed on apoptotic leukocytes and their ligands in pro-resolving events, like apoptotic leukocyte removal, immune-silencing and macrophage departure of resolving inflammation sites. 2. Elucidating the role of apoptotic pathways and apoptotic cell engulfment in the shaping of macrophage phenotypes during resolution. 3. Determination of apoptotic neutrophil protein recycling and processing by macrophages following their engulfment. 4. Examining the correlation between deficiencies in pro-resolving mediators and cells in blood leukocytes and the prognosis of inflammatory disorders in human patients.

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